Consultancy Service for the Feasibility Study of Caustic Soda/Chlorine Project
| November 5, 2020

Paranthan Chemicals Company Limited has completed the Consultant Selection Process for feasibility study of caustic soda/chlorine project. 
PCCL has received 5 proposals in the RFP process from following consultancy firms,
1.    CeyWater Consultants (Pvt) Ltd
2.    EML Consultants (Pvt) Ltd
3.    Integrated Development Consultants (Pvt) Ltd
4.    Industrial Services Bureau
5.    Price Water Coopers (Pvt) Ltd

EML Consultants (Pvt) Ltd was successful in winning this bid. And PCCL has awarded this consultancy assignment to EML Consultants (Pvt) Ltd for a contract value of Rs. 7,611,111.00 for feasibility assignment and Rs. 2,116,750.00 for Environment Impact Assessment process, if the project found to be viable.


Proposed Caustic Soda – Chlorine Plant at Paranthan, Sri Lanka

Proposed capacity - 25 metric Tons of Caustic Soda per day

Project investment - Rs. 3 Billion

Annual Turnover - 1.2 Billion

Total number of employees - 115 Direct and 50 In-Direct

Land Extent - 227 Acres

  • Expected Main Products

  • Caustic soda

  • Chlorine

  • Hydrochloric Acid

  • Sodium Hypochlorite

  • Bleaching Powder as by products​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Proposed Di-Calcium Phosphate Plant at Paranthan, Sri Lanka

Proposed capacity : 25 metric Tons of Di-Calcium Phosphate (Feed Grade) per day

– Project investment : Rs. 1.5 Billion

– Annual Turnover : 620 Million

– Total number of employees : 80

– Location: Paranthan

Expected Products

– Di-Calcium Phosphate (Feed Grade)

– Di-Calcium Phosphate (Fertilizer Grade)

Main Raw Materials

– Hydrochloric Acid from Caustic Soda Project

– Rock Phosphate